Restoring hope, building dignity

Horse in Need

We are a non-profit organization in the south of Andalucia, Spain. Horse in Need is about rescuing abused, neglected, disabled and otherwise unwanted horses and donkeys. We are depending on donations, parenthood and adoptions to take care of all animals to rescue more.


You Can Make a Difference

Have a Life of Fulfillment

Fall in love and take him or her home.

Do Good

Most of the animals are very sick, weak and thin. They need your help, so we can take care of them.

Be a Hero

You don't have the space at home, but want to help a horse?

A wise man said: "The most important people are not those with a head full of knowledge. They are those who have hearts full of love, ears that are ready to listen, and hands that are ready to help."

The Latest

The Big Move

The clock was ticking, as we had to move over fourty horses as quickly as possible...

Pepe's New Beginning

Pepe was found almost starved to death. Luckily he has happy beginning. Look how he turned out...

Poor Primera

This mare has been literally thrown out of a van in front of the dog shelter in La Linea...

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Our mission is to make them feel safe

Sibylle founded the organization Horse in Need in response to the urgent plight of horses in Spain. What began as an informal arrangement to rehome a few horses to friends in the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, gradually grew into a cause close to her heart. With a deep passion for horses and a desire to help, Horse in Need was officially established. In August 2020, Sibylle, along with her family, traveled to Spain to relocate the horses to their now well-known location. The organization increasingly garnered support and, thanks to a growing community of interested parties and volunteers, Horse In Need stands today as we know it - a steadfast haven for supporting horses in need.

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Horse in Need

Our Animals

Our Girls

Up for Parenthood/Adoption

We have a lot of beautiful and wonderful mares of different colors, heights and ages. Some mares are currently having a foal.

Our Babys

Up for Parenthood/Adoption

We got a lot of foals, who are on the search for a parenthood. Only foals 1 year old and more are able to be adopted.

Horse In need - Organisation

Our Boys

Up for Parenthood/Adoption

We got a lot of sweet and great boys of different height, age and color. Some boys cannot be adopted, as they are too old to be moved.

Give help where it's needed most

The cases of misusing, neglecting and abandoning seem to grow in the south of Spain. All animals of Horse in Need are rescues. Please help to help.

Horse in Need

Restoring hope, building dignity