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Since the horses are located in Spain you can also adopt when you live in Spain. However, adoption is possible when you live pretty much anywhere in Europe. As long as the distance to your location is driveable that means you can adopt and have your horse transported to you. We have found new Mum's and Dad's in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.

Once you have decided to adopt a horse, we will contact our transport supplier and set everything up for you. We currently work with 'World Horse Transport' who is a horse transport supplier from Nijkerk, Netherlands. We are very satisfied with this supplier since they take great care of the horses and make sure everything is as calm and stress-free as possible. The cost for transport is extra to the cost of the horse, however, since the way of transportation is co-loading the price will be a fraction compared to having a horse privately transported.

The heights of the fully grown horses can be found on each their individual pages. You will not find any measurements on the 'Our Babys' section since they all are not fully grown yet. All measurements are estimates since the measuring tape spiked some fear in most of the horses so we couldn't measure them exactly.

Most of the horses are located in Alhurin el Grande in Spain, roughly a 30 min drive from Malaga. They currently reside on the Finca of a veterinarian, which we leased. 3 horses are currently living in Ronda which are Milagra, Marisma and Hope 2nd.

We charge a so-called nominal fee for all the horses. This charge varies depending on the age and condition of the horse. With this charge, we are trying to cover some of the costs we had for the horse up to now. It includes the passport, vet costs, immunizations, and exit fees.

All horses are rescues and were taken out of a bad and traumatizing environement. None of them have had extensive training, most of them have never been ridden, many were simply used as breeding mares and stallions. Some of them will never be fully fine to be ridden again. Most of them can be touched, accept halters and they follow you. Other than that they have no training.

Unfortunately PayPal has complicated things for us. Since the organization is located in Spain, and the president of the organization, Sibylle Skalda, resides in Germany PayPal will not grant us to accept donations. You can still donate via bank transfer, as usual.

Give help where it's needed most

The cases of misusing, neglecting and abandoning seem to grow in the south of Spain. All animals of Horse in Need are rescues. Please help to help.

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