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I have had a tremendous love for animals since early childhood. Since I wasn't allowed to keep my own animal as a child, I left home when I was 18 and the first thing I did was going to an animal shelter and came home with a dog and two cats. Shortly after that, I became more and more interested in horses. I tried several riding styles, but none of them really appealed to me until I discovered the "Natural Horsemanship" by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Gawani Pony Boy and "Rai-Riding". That natural connection was what I was looking for. In 1992 I graduated as a riding instructor in "free riding" and bought two horses. These two were very special to me. They were judged as unrideable, but I took care of them and they became my best friends. In 2020 we uncovered many mistreatments. On behalf of Horse in Need with the help of the authorities, we were able to save over 40 horses and foals all at once. Everything I do is solely about the well-being of the horses. If they're fine, then I'm fine. The Horse in Need association is a heart project. Together we want to help as many horses, foals and donkeys as possible, so that they can enjoy a beautiful life.