Athena is around 23 years old and our tallest horse here at Horse in Need. Despite her size she is still very gentle towards humans and other horses. She leads the herd and knows how to stand her ground but always in a friendly way.The one thing she loves more than food is to be cuddled. Height: approx. 179

The Options

DO GOOD - Donation

Most of the equines are very ill, weak and thin. They need to be taken care of. The donations will exclusively go to the vet costs, food, but also building simple but secure fences and shelters for the animals.

BE A HERO - Parenthood

Some horses are not yet ready for adoption or are way too old or sick to bear any relocation. If you want to help one specific horse - through parenthood you'll have the opportunity to make a difference in his or her life.


Take him or her home. When they are strong enough for travel you'll have the opportunity to adopt a rescued equine and have a life of fulfillment.

Horse in Need

Restoring hope, building dignity