The Very First

Primera had been one of Madeleine's first cases of total human ignorance. Primera was a young mare, found lying in front of the dog shelter in La Linea. She looked really bad - and obviously she felt like this, because she couldn’t get up by herself. Primera had many bruises all over her body and was very thirsty and hungry. We gave her water and hay, while waiting for the vet and the firemen.

Everyone helped promptly. Because she had been lying in the middle of the street, the local fire department helped out, which makes the lifting much easier than without a crane. The vet found out that she needed to have a foal of two to three months, according to her udder. But her baby hadn’t been “thrown away” with his or her mum.

The moment she was standing - still holding by the crane - the vet gave her an infusion, in order to save her life. No one knew how long she was without something to eat or to drink. All the effort of the vet, the firemen, and the people of the shelter was without success. Primera didn’t die alone. That was the least we could do for her. The damage of the organs through the lack of hydration and food had been too severe. RIP sweetheart.

The Options

DO GOOD - Donation

Most of the equines are very ill, weak and thin. They need to be taken care of. The donations will exclusively go to the vet costs, food, but also building simple but secure fences and shelters for the animals.

BE A HERO - Parenthood

Some horses are not yet ready for adoption or are way too old or sick to bear any relocation. If you want to help one specific horse - through parenthood you'll have the opportunity to make a difference in his or her life.


Take him or her home. When they are strong enough for travel you'll have the opportunity to adopt a rescued equine and have a life of fulfillment.

Horse in Need

Restoring hope, building dignity